At the end of this month my husband and I will have been the hosts of for an entire year. We have enjoyed getting to know many of regular visitors and the many, many new folks who have found us this year.

To celebrate and to keep up with the changing trends we are taking to a blog based format.  Rather than using the forums, visitors will be able to leave comments for each other right on the recipe or post they are viewing.  Helpful comments will be converted to posts so that all can benefit, and you will be able to easily share your recipes with others.

Some new additions:

  • Wine of the Month.  Each month a wine recipe will be posted and you are welcome to make this wine and share your experiences with everyone in journal fashion by leaving your comments.
  • Wine Recipe e-book with many of the wine and food recipes you find here
  • unique wine and food themed gifts

We hope that these changes make visiting a pleasure and that you will continue to visit us often and enjoy the recipes and friendly help and advice that you have come to know expect from


Colleen and Family