Remember that I am not a professional baker so forgive any transgressions you see or hear when it comes to baking. I cook and I cater privately, and some call me a chef (although I do not). Baking professionally is what pastry chefs are for and I will gladly pay them dearly for their services. But I really want to get over that bridge enough that I enjoy and look forward to baking for my family and for small events and parties.

I am so happy to have joined along with Tuesdays with Dorie and I already love the fact that I now have to bake every week. One of my biggest hurdles is me myself and I. Baking became difficult when I had my first MS exacerbation. Washing huge, heavy slippery mixing bowls was very hard for me and I will come right out and say that I broke a pile of them. Like riding horses, baking became one of those things that I put on the back burner. Needless to say baking was just too much work for me, although I do miss my weekly trips to Home Goods and TJ’s to replace my bowls. πŸ™‚ I’m stronger than ever now however, so there is no reason for me to put this off any longer.

So here I am with my first recipe tried…apple cheddar scones. My husband HATES scones. I used to have to make them daily for my cafe so I am very picky about them, and I was immediately drawn to this recipe because it is very much like the way I made them. I feel more comfortable in my own skin already! The crumb is moist yet light…not at all like the “typical scone” which is either much too dry and hard or too cake like for my taste. They were sampled hot out of the oven, warm and at room temperature and even my scone hating husband liked them… and he LOVED them the next day (as did his co-worker who begged “Is she going to bake like this all the time again!??!?!?!” wow! Don’t I feel needed and loved!) I had to make one substitute in the ingredients, and that was with the buttermilk. So I used cultured buttermilk powder reconstituted with 3/4 water and 1/4 raw goats milk…It didn’t affect the taste or texture. I also used organic flour and locally ground organic cornmeal and a fresh egg from a really nice Araucana chicken. Being a foodie farm girl has its benefits πŸ˜‰

For the baking I used an 11″ round clay baking pan because my injured shoulder didn’t allow the stretch for my cookie sheets and no one was around to do it for me (here we go again with the pity!)

I’m loving baking at home with Dorie already!

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