I’m sure that you have noticed that my posts have been absent photos, and I do apologize for that. I have a torn tendon in my bicep and holding the camera at that angle is agony right now. Typing is tough (of course it has to be my right arm). even stirring is difficult, and I had to cancel my riding lesson…

Poor me…can’t you just feel the pity oooozing out? 🙂

So yesterday ended up being a good old spaghetti dinner night with a sauce of onion, garlic, basil, oregano, San Marzano’s, our own 2007 Pinot Noir and a bit of Balsamic reduction. Super luscious. And we had the ever present two-day no knead bread with it of course. Here’s a pic of that and a link (scroll down to the the post with day one in the title) if you want to try it:

So last night’s wegman’s inspired dinner didn’t happen BUT I did try something else and it was super good chilled! It is the Greek Santorini Couscous Salad! YUM! The only change I made was to chill the couscous…so delicious!

Here is a link to the recipe at wegmans’ dot com. If you live in a wegman’s free zone you’ll use non wegman products of course (I sub all the time..sorry wegman’s!) The day 6 recipe in our 12 days of mayo free pasta salad is!

Greek Santorini Couscous Salad

If making couscous is a little daunting to you try making it this way as Alton Brown suggests it really does result in a nice light fluffy couscous.

I did something yesterday that I have been putting off for a really long time…I joined the Tuesday’s with Dorie bake along YAY! I’m so excited! I love to bake but I will come right out ans say that it isn’t my strongest area of expertise. I can decorate you a gorgeous cake, make amazing little marzipan lovelies and thing like that but the actual baking is not my gig. We don’t eat many sweets so I just don’t get the practice that makes perfect, but it is something that I have been wanting to work on so away I go on a new adventure.

This is Brutis, he is very excited too. He couldn’t wait to start previewing this weeks recipe.

Check out that enthusiasm! It’s hard to be Brutis, somehow my work always gets in the way of his nap.

Just in time for summer farmer’s markets, I have my new 2008 hand soap ready to go. There are two new blends this year and the bottles will be amber with hand painted (by me of course) “label”. They are very pretty, very effective and have no nasty stuff in them…no additives, colors and artificial fragrances. Just a couple well explained ingredients and organic/wild crafted therapeutic grade essential oils. This is something I have been doing for nearly a decade and while most of my clients have been of the four paw or hoof persuasion, I have some people clients too. The hand soap is PERFECT for the kitchen. I’ll be adding a salt scrub for the hands to match each blend as well. They make an excellent gift and will be available at a few select locations around the Southern Tier of NY and also online, so look for them in a couple of days.

That’s all that is going on here. so enjoy your Friday and do something delicious!


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