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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s to all the dads out there..including mine! I love you Pop! Have a great day and enjoy yourself, I’ll have some goodies for you to take back on your next trip 🙂

My husband is an incredible father, I know you have read how awesome he is in many, many posts here. I try to make him something he will really love for dinner and there is nothing he loves more than a good chicken with gravy. So I’m making him chicken with Gourmet’s AMAZING Madeira Cream Gravy, my famous scalloped potatoes and a side of spicy corn. I’ll throw a pan of popovers in too so we can sop up the gravy.

The ducklings are HUGE and started eating big duck food yesterday…sniff..sniff…Many thanks to Ithaca Feed and Grain for their commitment to those who feed organic. It’s so good to know that our kids will be well fed and that we won’t have to run all over God’s green earth looking for the different feeds we need for the whole crew. With gas at $4.15 per gallon we are trying to keep our trips to town efficient as possible!

Here’s Puddles watching over the “girls”

Puddles only wants to be hand fed and held so it is more than obvious he will be the “pet duck” . He follows my daughter around when he take him out to wander. it’s so cute. 🙂

What does one do with an old calf waterer/brooder when it isn’t being use to brood? You turn it into a planter of course!

This was a galvanized water trough for horses that had sprung a leak, so it came home with me for a brooder (thanks Theresa!). My husband sanded it down and sprayed it with a few coats of Lotus Flower ( From McCormick’s Paint in Binghamton) which is what my walls in the house are painted.  Since the babies won’t be using it anymore (until next years hatch), we placed three 5 gallon pails into it, topped it with the framed screen we used for the bottom of the brooder (to let water fall through the hay and keep the babies warm and dry) and then covered that with some landscape fabric. We planted it with Blue Salvia, Swedish Ivy, a potato vine and popped some tiny dills toward the back for “fluff” and some wayward Greek Oregano in the front.

My arm is healing, slowly. It hurts like the devil when I stir (which is just WONDERFUL for those of us who cook) but at least I can lift up my arm now. I was beginning to think I was going to have to learn to keep everything at elbow level.

The Special Olympics in Greater Binghamton is still going on today so try to make it down if you can. These are some of the areas finest athletes!

Taste of the Nation ( www.ithacatasteofthenation.org ) is Tuesday at Ithaca College. I wanted to go sooooo badly but couldn’t find time to get there, and this stupid shoulder makes it difficult to drive. Hopefully next year! I am hosting an online Great American Bake Sale which is part of Share our Strength. I have a goal set for $500 so please visit the link above to visit the Broome County bake sale. Thanks! I was hoping to host a sale here locally but scheduling just didn’t all come together so I added the online bake sale this morning, if you would like to help Share our Strength please bop on over and take a peek…thanks!

Have a wonderful Father’s Day!


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