My morning started this am with a trip outside in my nightgown and Crocs, mug of coffee in hand to visit the birds. My husband was already out there treating the ducklings and Puddles to nice shower with the hose and my daughter had already been out to feed everyone. It’s so peaceful to just see all the creatures first thing every morning. We dressed quickly and out the door for the back roads ride to the barn, my daughter is volunteering on Saturdays there now…so that’s three weekly trips to Heaven for her. On the way there we had to drive on the shoulder (and back roads don’t really have shoulders by the way….don’t try this home) to avoid a snapping turtle that was about 2 foot across. Then we had to avoid the doe poised and ready to leap, then the large fox with an even larger Pheasant in it’s mouth jumped out in front of us, and on my way back I had to come to a screeching halt to avoid a REALLY HUGE Tom Turkey.

It’s so nice in the country 🙂

Speaking of the country, summer and all that good stuff. We have been thinking of participating in the Fresh Air Fund for next summer and having a child stay with us. I would love it if any of my readers who have hosted kids would email or leave some comments for me. I’d just like to hear your experiences. 🙂

Today is feed store day and some shopping so we will have something leftover for dinner. I played with a new Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce last night and while it was good, there are some substantial changes I want to make before I post it.

Puddles is doing GREAT! He is putting weight on the leg already and getting along well. I think he will be just fine. MY husband is making his run for him today so he can go in and out of the barn at will like the other animals and when or if he is back 100% we will start acclimating him to the field with the others. If not, he has a nice cozy place he can call his own where he can enjoy Boss Duck status and keep all the other creatures in line.

Have a great Saturday!


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