Well Puddles came to live with us last night…what a cutie! This is a duck with the lives of a cat. He already has lived to be the ripe old age of one with a broken leg. That’s a lucky duck! Now he survives a horrible stomping accident, what would you do?!??!? This duck deserves a chance to recover and have a good life here on the farm. Last night when I brought him home we had been thinking we would splint the newly broken leg and give him a chance to hopefully learn to compensate for it.  He had been using his wing a bit for support but last night when I was checking him over after dinner he was standing up fully supported with his other leg and looking like he was starting to put a little pressure on the broken one. That’s a huge improvement! So I think we will let him go un-splinted and see how he learns to adapt with it. He will be in a protected environment so all he needs to do is be able to waddle around boss the ladies and swim and eat…the good life. 🙂

Here he is…meet Puddles!

He is very sweet and already has learned that he loves my “duck salad” which is just a blend of chopped up greens, cabbage and things like that.  I have to pick him up a bigger pool today or tomorrow, it will probably be a fruitless search as the heatwave is returning today…ughh…

Friday is my “day-off”  which translates to “catch up on all the work that you didn’t get finished during the week”. I was hoping to head out to the St. Anthony Feast Days today but I don’t think I am going to have time.  It goes on tomorrow and Sunday too, so hopefully I will get down there, the sidewalk artists are FABULOUS!

So what’s for dinner tonight? hmmmm….it’s going to be brutally hot so perhaps we will do a really quick tortellini with some roasted red peppers, rappi and garlic and a nice cool crisp salad.

Have a great weekend everyone, I will be working on some sample menus that I may post for my readers to to try and give feedback on. It will depend on the weather at this point. We may just stay inside and bottle some of the reds that are ready instead!


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