I will be out of the studio this week. If you purchase a site or would like to secure a build it will be processed as usual while I am gone. Thanks!

While I’m gone I have loaded the blog with some fun things…be on the lookout tomorrow for the condensed version of my Real Bread 101 that a a group of us worked through by email last fall. It was a blast and several people have emailed me recently to say how much they enjoyed it and how far they progressed in bread baking. There really are few things in life as soul satisfying as feeding your family warm homemade bread. You know where it comes from, it is very economical to make. I’m going to start us off with a simple, no knead bread that is absolutely delicious and will boost your confidence..yes, you can make GREAT bread! It is a two day process, but both days take just a few minutes of your time.

Here’s some baby pictures I promised last week. They went outside for the first time this weekend!

Have a great week everyone…see you Monday!