So I just loaded all the new work to my site…now that all my glitches, bizarre freaky things and updates are done with the computers here. There are times when computer stuff just drags me down, it’s just blah, blah, blah…no fun, all work…gahhhh. It looks good though, I am happy. BUT..we found that several things ended up being removed that shouldn’t have beenwhile backing up. All is fine but I will not put this in anyone else’s hands ever again. Lesson learned…do your own stuff! At least now I can answer the million and a half emails that I have…sorry!

The duck babies are two weeks old now and HUGE! They have reached the smelly dirty stage now so it is time for them to move to the barn and have their first swim…holy cuteness!…can’t wait to post those pics and video for you, you’ll get all mushy for sure.

That you know every person that deserves to spend eternity in hell you read about or experience in your life another person (and I use the term person lightly here) who needs the express train. If you haven’t read about this case of neglect on fugly I will post the direct link to the to the rescue. If you are in Florida (or not…you can still help) please help these folks get these lovelies the best of care and love so they can find their forever homes.

The Florida Horse Rescue

The discount sites are going quickly so grab one if you want it. For those of you who don’t know about these, this is how it works…

I post my discarded designs and concepts on my blog for quick and limited sale and when they are gone, they are gone. I don’t sell a million copies and let them become duds.  They all come with 30 days of support and a huge library of step by step video tutorials. Easy peasy. You can see the designs by clicking on the link at the left. From now on all the proceeds (and that is the entire sale price less CC fees- for a total of $45!) from my sale designs will benefit Animals for Autism or the other non-profits groups I volunteer with.  You can see how easy it is to make a substantial donation for really worthy causes. If you know of a community based group (not the big corporate wasters please) that would benefit from something like this please let me know and I will add them to my list for future design sales. Since my discarded design sale idea has been creatively used many times in recent months, I hope that all those who are using this concept will give their sales to good causes as well!  I can tell you that knowing you helped a Down’s child experience the benefits of therapuetic horseback riding for an entire summer feels and looks a hell of alot better than the latest logo swag (and really…logo swag is tacky anyway-giving always looks good!).  

Just ordered these new Paddock boots from Dover Saddlery.

Can’t believe what a great price they are…these are so comfy!
I ordered another helmet too, good price on that as well. I normally buy most my stuff from Supply because of the Care Account they give non-profits and charities (if you buy horse or stable gear use the code animalsforautism please!) 5% of the merchandise total.

We bottled the 2007 Cali Pinot Noir on Memorial Day. It is AWESOME! Mellow, smoky, velvety and rich with deep plum and cherry…it’s going to age wonderfully. Our first nearly perfect Pinot Noir..we are thrilled!