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quail egg with chive

As I find myself slowly (ok…not so slowly) getting thrown back into catering and parties I am reminded of how much cooking well means to me. Extraordinary ingredients are worth it and most times they are simplest to prepare, present and enjoy. I am very blessed to have some the very best right in my own back yard.

Yesterday I found myself with the time to experiment and a pile of lovely, fresh quail eggs. Their diminutive size and elegant speckled, blue lined package just screams appetizer! So I created a few different tappas inspired recipes and also prepared them in their purest form…gently fried in a tiny bit of Black Truffle Oil, garnished with tiny strips of the freshest chives, Hawaiian Black Salt and a gorgeous chive blossom. Served on a sliver thin, crunchy homemade Lavish cracker…well, it was just delicious and will most definitely be hitting the line up of hors d’oeuvres in my repertoire.


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