Did ya file your taxes yet? 🙂 Better hurry…

I woke up this morning with a nasty of a cold. I really thought I had seen the end of coughs, fevers and nonsense for the year. I need stock in Nyquil…I swear.  I have all these things to do and I am still in my slippers and my head feels like it weighs a million pounds. I’m showered and dressed but I think that is as far as it’s going today. Everything I touch is going south and looking like crap. It’s just bad, really bad. Maybe some garlic soup will work? But that would mean I would need to make it and yes, mark this day on your calendar….I don’t feel like cooking!

Speaking of cooking, I was the overjoyed recipient of some huge gorgeous duck eggs a couple of days ago.

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the pasta was that I made with these beauties. The pasta had a silky luxurious taste that literally left you constantly thinking about it. I kid you not…it was that incredible. I will never make pasta without duck eggs again.

Speaking of eggs…(is there a tangent coming?!?!? It must be the illness) look for the first ever “chick-u-mentary” coming in May. We will be getting 50 chicks ranging from Amercaunas to Delawares to Silkies and several others. I thought it would be fun to document the daily life of these little peeps from the moment they arrive at the Post office to the their first birthday. They will have a daily picture posted here on the blog and their own lace on the website. If you have little ones who have always wanted chickens this could be a fun way to let them see what goes on. I will be including their care too, so it is an excellent learning opportunity as well.