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American Crafts by Robbie Dein

My mom celebrated her 70th birthday last week so we wanted to find her something really unique. She loves jewelry, so we made a trip to American Crafts by Robbie Dein. This shop is a favorite of mine, the jewerly, glassware and scarves always make me wish that everyday was my brithday. They had a pair of interesting black and gold earrings that are now on my wish list and a bracelet (my name is Colleen and I am a bracelet-aholic) that I pretty much had to peel myself away from!

Only three more months until my bday…hehehheeee

If you haven’t been to the shop, make the trip, you won’t be sorry. The staff is friendly and helpful and even when the store is packed (as it usually is) help is just a minute away.

American Crafts by Robbie Dein
158 Ithaca Commons
Ithaca, NY 14850
oh! what did we get mom? a gorgeous pair of curly cue silver drop earrings!

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