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I don’t buy much grocery type stuff but I do love to stock up on good pastas, spices and things of that nature. Then I always have them and I can make a meal out of just about anything.

So I find myself surfing Grocery looking for the Pasta I buy by the case there and what do I see?!?!?!? Subscribe and Save! Wooo Hooo! So I added the Gia Russa Mini Gnocchi, which is at a good price at amazon. Plus you get an extra 15% off when you have them shipped at a monthly interval you choose. How cool is that?!??

In case you haven’t tried the Gia Russa mini Gnocchi…please do. They are perfect, probably the only Gnocchi I will say are just as good if not better than my own homemade Gnocchi. Don’t listen to the reviewer who gave them two stars. If you read her review you instantly know she has not a clue how to cook gnocchi. These literally take less than a minute to cook, certainly not MINUTES! YIKES! No wonder she ended up with starchy, heavy dough dumplings. The poor things were probably water logged to death! Such a horrible thing to do to a good little gnocchi. 😦 Gnocchi are cooked until they just float, don’t let them drown. If you think gnocchi are heavy starch balls, you probably have never had a properly cooked pile of Gnocchi. Give them another try, the kids love them!

Try the Gia Russa Mini’s…they are light little pillows of air. All they need is a tiny drizzle of gorgeous Olive Oil, a dash of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper and you have comfort food at its finest! I prefer the mini to the regular, but both are very delicious.


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