This has been one of the most topsy turvey weeks ever, Todd sees the Neurosurgeon tomorrow and hopefully when I return to the studio on Wednesday we will know one way or another what his fate is. I can’t imagine being in his position…26 years and he has missed maybe 3 days of work….all of the sudden he wonders if he will ever do his line of work again. I can’t even fathom that…especially since he really does love what he does.

So…on a lighter note, I decide to make Polpette a la Barisi last night to help us all lighten the mood and celebrate what really matters…family. Now, I know you question my mental state regarding the pics of every meal, but I really would love to publish a cookbook someday…and I love to photography things most people don’t soooooooo….I thought I would share what goes on behind the scenes.

This was what started with:

I wasn’t happy with the plating or light so I decided to re-shoot it. Now keep in mind that these are all taken without a flash on the stainless steel island in my very old (read pre-civil war era house with circa 1910-30) kitchen. So I run to the studio, download the images and go back to re-shoot…this is what I see:

hmmmmm……very interesting….at this point I am exhausted and ready to pass out so I plate dinner and vow to try again tomorrow.

We try again tonight:

This make me a little happier but I’m not 100% thrilled…off I go to the studio…be right back….

meanwhile…back in the kitchen:

Caught in the act!!!!!!!!!! I think I better feed them huh? Look for the recipe tomorrow šŸ™‚