Dandelion Wine Print E-mail
Yield: Five Gallons US
Beginning SG/PA: Not ProvidedInstructions:

5 Gallons of dandelion blossoms (just “pop” ’em off so you keep the yellow and the green collar)
5 Gallons water (boiling)
15 lbs sugar (yes, fifteen)
3 lbs raisins – dark or white
26 oz white grape wine concentrate (optional)
10 sliced lemons with rinds
10 sliced oranges with rinds
4 tsp yeast nutrient
madiera or sherry yeast

  1. Pour the 5 gals boiling water over the blossoms and allow to sit 2 days.
  2. Strain off the blossoms and add the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Allow the must to ferment until it calms down then rack to a carboy.
  4. Bottle once the fermention stops.

A madiera or sherry yeast will leave you with up to 12% alcohol and a bit of residual sugar.