Yield: One Gallon US
Beginning SG/PA: Not Provided

2 tbsp. instant coffee
1 1/2 lbs. sugar
2 tbsp. citric acid
Water to 1 gal.
Yeast nutrient
1 pkg. wine yeast

Mix the coffee, sugar, citric acid and yeast nutrient in a bowl
Add 4 pints of boiling water.
Stir until completely mixed and dissolved.
Allow to cool.
When cool, pour the must in the carboy and top it ONLY up to the shoulder.
After five days, top up to bottom of neck and ferment out; racking as needed.

The submitter of this recipe did not specify:

  1. What type of wine yeast to use.
  2. How long it takes to ferment out or clear.
  3. How often to rack.

Berry, C.J.J. 130 New Winemaking Recipes. 3rd Ed., G.W. Kent, Ann Arbor, MI, 1993.